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Roof Reno is the evolution of roofing, where old fashioned hard work meets the convenience and efficiency of 21st century technology!  We have gone ahead and simplified the sloped re-roofing process for home and building owners.  We’ve looked at the future needs of both our communities and planet and are introducing solutions to some of the world’s largest environmental concerns.  

Mission Statement –

RoofReno will be the first decentralized autonomous organization existing to create a community in and around the roofing industry where everyone involved benefits, community, clients and associates; to head major recycling efforts for the gathering of the raw materials needed to manufacture sustainable lifetime products; to provide clients with outstanding value both in price and process and offer unparalleled protection to both clients and installers; to provide installers simplified access to high paying contracts and seamless project management solution for both the project and their employees.

Vision Statement –

A clean, healthy and united roofing industry that leads in safety and efficiency, that provides support for and is supported by its community.

Lucas O'Connor

Chairman and Founder

If your roof is looking weathered and due for replacement, you can expect to receive a postcard from us notifying you of your options.  Due to the efficiency of our process, we are able to offer amazing service & prices on all your high end, life-time roofing systems.  If you received one of our postcards it means your roof has most likely seen better days. It’s time to start collecting quotes and doing your research.  What a daunting task the whole process can be!  We have simplified the process by doing the research for you and have sourced the most durable, affordable lifetime products on the market and presented you with the best options to re-roof your home or building.  Each hand delivered post card has several roofing price options on it for the address it is delivered to.  There are two asphalt shingle quotes, two metal shingle quotes (painted and stone-coated), one eco-friendly recycled rubber shingle quote, two sheet metal quotes (traditional rib w/exposed fastener and a classic standing seam hidden fastener) and an option for a thin-film flexible solar integrated roofing system (available only with the hidden fastener roof system).

These quoted prices represent the most basic assembly of components for each system, which means that you need not spend any more money than the associated system price to have yourself a completely new and warranted roof. However, there exists many options for each system that can increase the price, these might include new flashings, type and quality of underlay, metal drip edge, new eavestrough, gutter/leaf guard for your new or existing troughs, etc.  None of these options are mandatory, nor do they impact the performance of your new roofing system during the warranty period.  The length of warranty periods depend on products and options chosen, premium products and underlays offer the longest warranties.  

  1. Would you rather hear it directly from a PRO??  Take advantage of our free PRO-roofers hotline to ask questions and get the answers you need to help you pick out the components included in building the last roof you’ll ever have to pay for.

Our Foundation

Recognizing the need for change in  an industry ripe for disruption, we have decided to become the face of that change in the following ways:

  • We take steps to identify properties that are in obvious need of a new roof, measure and hand deliver a postcard with several roofing system prices specific to each address.  This cost efficient method allows us to pass added value on to our clients
  • We are developing our own proprietary products for all our lifetime roofing systems thereby eliminating middlemen markups and potential supply chain issues, once again providing our clients with increased value at a decreased cost
  • RoofReno’s recruitment and training process allows us to scale operations and is a very reliable process for human resource management and the completion of all our projects enabling us to maintain the highest quality workmanship and uniform installation techniques no matter the region or install crew


Your Roof, RoofReno Advantage

Roofing is in a class of its own.  A sloped roof can be seen by anyone passing by on the street and allows them to recognize when your roof has significantly deteriorated without invading the privacy of the landowner.  Unlike other home improvements, like kitchen or bath, replacing your roof can not be put off for months or years, there is an urgency since your roof is on the front line defense when it comes to protecting the entirety of your home.  

The working conditions are both beautiful and dangerous.  Lots of fresh air and a great view are the benefits of working at heights, plus the materials are not dusty or gaseous.  However, one must take the time and proper training to work safely at heights.  This is why we include a mandatory working at heights training course as part of every installer’s RoofReno certification process

The abundant generation of waste is a major concern and one that all involved parties should be considering when deciding what products to purchase or sell.  We must all begin to acknowledge our global responsibility when considering what products will eventually end up in our landfills or preferably, end up being recycled.  


Unique Characteristics of the Roofing Trade

The reliability of the contractor and the strength of their business is a major consideration when choosing who will replace your roof.  Roofing has many start and fail businesses and is very tough for many reasons.  The work is hard, it can be dangerous and the workers comp rates are the highest in the construction industry.   

As a homeowner spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new lifetime roof, you want to be sure the company will be in business in the years to come to honor your warranty.  The last thing you want is to find out the company you choose to install your new beautiful lifetime roofing system is no longer in business if it were to have any issues.  This happens frequently and leaves the home owner without a warranty. 

All this said, it is highly advised that you choose a strong company with a systemized approach to management and that provides value to both you and the community it serves.

Choose the best

RoofReno is the answer

RoofReno has capitalized on all of these characteristics and we are proud to be roofing. We have identified the problem for you, developed a standardized certification required by our installers for each system we sell. We are developing the manufacturing side of our business so that we can present our potential clients with eco-friendly choices which are not only going to last longer but also give our clients scores of value at prices they can not find elsewhere. 

Lastly, we are the only roofing company that is building our system to operate without borders as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization via our marriage to technology and our system dedicated to transparency, fairness, satisfaction and efficiency. You never have to worry about us closing our doors because we have built our company using a systems approach with a focus on delivering value and being owned by all contributing parties. We believe that our strength will lead to RoofReno becoming the dominant roofing source for everyone’s roofing needs. The sheer volume and efficiency with which we operate will form a rock solid foundation built by virtue of a huge database of satisfied customers and owners.