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The architectural cut, fibreglass asphalt shingle roof packages have been the standard in roofing for decades and are the most commonly used roofing product in North America.. Featuring attractive shingles made with a tough fiberglass backing, commercial or premium grade underlayments & large “stack” style vents – even our most basic roof system is a significant upgrade over the roof put on by today’s suburbia builders. Easily upgraded with options, this represents the starting point for your new-roof purchase! To be honest, you should know that asphalt shingles are an oil based product and are bad for the environment. They are made to fail despite what the manufacturers tell us and they are filling up landfills at an epidemic rate, decimating our environment and making big oil rich. There is simply no way these asphalt products can compare with fully recyclable, lifetime products such as steel and rubber. We encourage you to compare prices of the asphalt packages to that of RoofReno’s own Sierra line of 26 gauge stone coated steel shingles. You will have to replace asphalt at least three (3) times before you will have to replace any of our feature lifetime product packages.

We understand that you may not be staying in your house for very long and therefore can not justify the expense. So the choice is yours, consider it carefully. There are a variety of manufacturers and they all have their pros and cons. If your roof looks like it has seen better days it may be time to replace it. Thus begins a sometimes agonizing process of choosing a contractor, evaluating which products to use and analysing finances. At RoofReno, we’ve made it our goal to simplify this process for you and present you with all the options under one roof.

We realize that there are many factors that influence an owner’s decision as to how to proceed with their roof repairs. Some key points that are generally in favor of asphalt roofing systems and will help to make your decision easier are:

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