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Designed to be an economical solution for commercial and residential roofing needs – Arcana steel panels can be installed on all types of roofs, including low slopes and there are 4 profiles to choose from: Riviera, Prestige, Trapeze & Elite. Our most affordable steel panel on the market, Arcana is ideal for homes off the beaten path like cottages and chalets. Available in a beautiful array of Perspectra Plus Series colors, Arcana by RoofReno is an affordable, environmentally friendly option to homeowners interested in our Stamina standing-seam metal roofing but simply can not justify the expenditure. Built to last well over 50 years, Arcana carries a manufacturer’s warranty for 40 years on the color/paint and a 10 year warranty on the labor.

Arcana panels can be installed with or without strapping, depending on conditions. The existing asphalt shingle roof can be left in place to save some money or removed entirely if you’re looking to inspect the roof deck thoroughly and install new underlayment. Using color matched neoprene washers & screws, Arcana is installed through pre-drilled holes every 20 inches (starting 4 inches from the eave) on the peak of every rib. The fasteners are exposed but also perfectly laid out such that they look as though they belong. Included with this roof are drip edge flashings, gable flashings and foam closure strips for the eave and the ridges. But it does not have to stop there, check out your quote for a list of available options and upgrades that can be included with this product.

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