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Sierra Stone Coated Steel Tiles come in a variety of profiles and colors. They are RoofReno’s proprietary brand of eco-friendly, lifetime roofing. This cutting edge product is available in a diverse range of colors guaranteed to complement any color scheme! Being both the manufacturer and installer, we have cut out the middleman and passed the savings onto our clients. Stone coated steel shingles are manufactured using 26 gauge (0.4mm) coiled sheet steel with an aluminum-zinc alloy coating and acrylic resin protective coat on each side. They are then cut and stamped into a specific profile, after which an acrylic resin base coat, natural colored stone chips and a clear acrylic resin overglaze coat are applied to the finished side of the tile.


They are low maintenance and lighter than your traditional asphalt shingle roofs. They are made to be stronger, more durable and resistant to heat and impact by virtue of their granular stone coating. The aluminium-zinc alloy and resin coatings are included on either side of the base sheet steel to prevent corrosion and rust. This key feature of durability and longevity coupled with it’s competitive price and ease of installation, make this product line an unbeatable favorite amongst homeowners and installers alike. Simply one of the best quality for value products on the market today and we could not be more proud to be the first manufacturer/ supplier/installer to give this product line the attention it deserves at a retail supply-install price all consumers truly deserve.

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