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Our hidden fastener sheet metal system is not unlike other manufacturer’s similar panels in the sense that they are remarkably beautiful, fully functional and designed to withstand the harshest of Canadian climates or the most intense tropical storms found in the southern U.S. However there is one notable difference and that is the efficiency with which we supply and install this system on your home or building. This increased efficiency translates into big savings for our clients. We have the panels for each project manufactured to the perfect length to eliminate waste. We also make all our own flashings necessary to install this system. With the proper underlay, this system can be installed on roof pitches as low as 10 degrees, otherwise known as a 2/12. The panels can be manufactured in two widths, 16″ and 20.25″.
They typically have low profile stiffening ribs between the standing seams to eliminate the likelihood of oil-canning however these can be eliminated by request of the client. The panels can be installed over a solid roof deck or wood or steel purlins. They come in 24, 26 and 28 gauge and are painted with Kynar 500 technology. Panels are warranted for a 50 year period against rust and defects and 40 years on paint chipping, fading or flaking.

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By using thin-film flexible solar panels with new CIGS technology, our systems are 20% more efficient than traditional solar panel systems commonly found on rooftops. Not only that, they work well in low light applications; like under large trees or the north face of the roof. This essentially makes every household a candidate for solar generation where before many homeowners who would be solar advocates were limited by the orientation of their home, tree coverage or shading issues, or a variety of other factors to consider. We source our panels from industry leading, trusted manufacturer Miasolé, a Hanergy Company. The panels are 19.5 inches in width and come in lengths of approximately 6, 12 and 18 feet long. They are relatively easy to install by sticking them directly to the surface of the metal roofing sheets and eliminating the need for penetrations through your new roof and the likelihood of leaks. This also saves you big money on racking since it is no longer needed!! The leads can be run under the ridge cap to hide all the wires. They are lightweight, so there is no need to structural engineering prior to installation, thus saving even more money.
Using this technology, most roofs can now produce more energy than their house requires which begs the question, how do we take full advantage of this system. We have some solutions for you and we encourage you to ask your sales representative when requesting your detailed quote.

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Key Features

Flexible Cell


  • Can fit around curved structures
  • Can be integrated into materials


  • No retrofitting required
  • Can be used in applications such as consumer goods where weight is a concern


  • Won't break / Resistant tо vandalism
  • No risk of microcracks to cells

Bonded Directly to Surface

  • Lower installation costs
  • Resistant to theft

Thin —2mm-3mm

  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior wind resistance

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Uniform "black-tie" appearance
  • Dark interconnect wires


  • 360W form factor for large TPO installations
  • Моre watts per KG

Poly Silicon


  • Not bendable
  • Requires racking to install


  • Roofs require reinforcement to support weight


  • Can shatter
  • Cells can develop microcracks

Requires Mounting Hardware

  • Drives up installation coses
  • Subject to theft

Thick —40mm - 50mm

  • Visible
  • Subject tо wind uplift


  • Checkerboard appearance
  • Bully paneling does not conform to the roof

Not as powerful

  • Traditional 60-cell house module 260 -290 watts
  • Bully paneling does not conform to the roof

Dangerous in environmental emergencies

  • Meral racks + box modules can damage people and property in an earthquake
  • Metal racks + box modules hazardous in the event of wind pull-off
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