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Our hidden fastener sheet metal system is not unlike other manufacturer’s similar panels in the sense that they are remarkably beautiful, fully functional and designed to withstand the harshest of Canadian climates or the most intense tropical storms found in the southern U.S. However there is one notable difference and that is the efficiency with which we supply and install this system on your home or building. This increased efficiency translates into big savings for our clients. We have the panels for each project manufactured to the perfect length to eliminate waste. We also make all our own flashings necessary to install this system. With the proper underlay, this system can be installed on roof pitches as low as 10 degrees, otherwise known as a 2/12. The panels can be manufactured in two widths, 16″ and 20.25″.
They typically have low profile stiffening ribs between the standing seams to eliminate the likelihood of oil-canning however these can be eliminated by request of the client. The panels can be installed over a solid roof deck or wood or steel purlins. They come in 24, 26 and 28 gauge and are painted with Kynar 500 technology. Panels are warranted for a 50 year period against rust and defects and 40 years on paint chipping, fading or flaking.

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