A professional recruitment and training process is a direct reflection of a business.  For this reason we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure each member of our team has been adequately screened and then trained using our online recruitment and training software.  This is an essential process that helps to ensure we attract the best possible candidates and retain them as cooperative and productive team members.  By streamlining this process, we save time searching, interviewing, hiring and training potential candidates and instead ensure that everyone meets the criteria and has completed the online training prior to working with us.

We believe in the strength and intelligence of our community and by empowering applicants to complete their application and training on their own, we open up our company to be governed by its employees and partners which enables us to scale our business unlike anything the roofing industry has ever seen.  Using a transparent and highly efficient system, we find strength in honesty and openness where most companies are hiding their finances and dirty laundry behind closed doors.  Our road map is going to take the construction industry to places it has never been and that is an exciting prospect for the majority of hardworking, underappreciated laborers and/or employees.  Our efficient systematization of processes has given us the power to find massive savings in every project and instead of simply pocketing those for ourselves, we are passing the savings along to our clients, partners, employees, communities and charities to help make everyone’s lives a little better.   

We pay our employees and partners promptly for services rendered, typically within 48 hours of project completion and as such, we expect prompt payment from our clients immediately upon completion of a project, this is of course pending their satisfaction.  This will be governed by smart contract administration on the blockchain.  We manage our company and our projects transparently!! What does that mean??  Our clients and our partners both may know the numbers pertaining to their project should they wish to see them; that is material & labor costs and company profit before overhead.  We are dedicated to fairness and working together to make this world a better place and in doing so we feel we have nothing to hide, we want like-minded individuals to join our team and change the face of roofing.

Currently we are hiring the following positions:

Must have their own tools, transportation and equipment required to perform roofing tasks.  Candidates must also have their own valid liability insurance with $2mil coverage minimum and valid WSIB coverage.  It is expected that all installers will abide by local, provincial and federal laws and by-laws governing employment and safe work practices.  All installers must complete RoofReno’s online site safety course, project management course and a minimum of at least one product installation course.  Installers are only eligible to install products for which they have completed the online installation course and are encouraged to complete multiple, if not all, product installation courses to increase their available work options.  Installers will interact directly with homeowners and will be reviewed by homeowners upon completion of the contract.  We offer above average industry pay rates combined with incentives for positive reviews – 10% bonus per contract after 20 consecutive positive reviews and 20%  bonus per contract after 50 consecutive positive reviews.  Installers must perform site verifications minimum 5 days prior to project commencement to ensure accuracy of materials, measurements, installation contract value, site safety plan and delivery schedule for materials.  Installers will be furnished with a detailed step by step work order which will be reviewed with the home owner prior to project start at the site verification.  Photos must be collected by installers before, during and at completion of the project and will automatically be assembled by RoofReno into a final roof report for the client to review and for project documentation.
  • Must have own vehicle and smart phone with data plan
  • Must be proficient with technology
  • Pay is predetermined by piecework rates based on each specific roof and required tasks to complete
  • Installers should expect payment within 24 hrs of successful completion
  • From time to time, installers are expected to accept payment from customers in the form of a cheque and deposit it into RoofReno’s business account using the BMO banking app and client card number provided.
  • Installers must complete both RoofReno’s online site safety and project management courses
  • Installers must complete a minimum of one product installation course
  • Flexible project start dates however it is expected that installers will work everyday weather permits until project completion, including weekends.  Do not start a 3 day project on a Friday if you are unable to work Saturday and Sunday.
This position requires one to drive around the city completing a short 30 second survey for addresses meeting specific criteria.  Must use own vehicle, gasoline, phone and data plan.  All surveys can and should be performed from within the vehicle, there is no requirement to exit your vehicle at any time although you may do so if you wish.
  • Must have own vehicle and smart phone with data plan
  • Must be proficient with technology
  • Pays $1200 for roughly 40 – 50 hours of contract work
  • Must complete short online canvassing lead specialist training course
  • Flexible hours – great for retirees and students
This position is great for people who love to walk and be outdoors.  Candidates must complete RoofReno’s online training course for postcard couriers.  Couriers will be provided postcards, 1000 per route, in order of delivery along with a software support for smartphones providing live map routes and other features pertinent to the task at hand.  Couriers will also be provided a custom backpack which will serve as their mobile workstation.  The backpack will hold and dispense postcards in order and roofing samples to adhere to the postcards.  Payment is issued within 24 hours of completion of route.  Rate per route depends on geographical coverage ranging anywhere from 25¢ to a $1 for each card.  Typical route completion times vary depending on individual but range anywhere from 1 day to 3 days.
  • Must have own vehicle and smart phone with data plan
  • Must be proficient with technology
  • Pays $1000-$2500 per week depending on production
  • Must complete short online postcard courier training course
  • Flexible hours – great for retirees and students
This position requires comprehensive training on all RoofReno’s products & processes.  Previous roofing industry knowledge is an asset for this position however full training is provided through our online roofing school.  Reps will have the option to serve as call support, text message support or both.  Responsibilities will include answering new and existing client calls or texts posing questions on existing projects or buyers guidance to potential clients.  Reps must and will have a complete understanding of all products and associated package options enabling them to provide sound advice to potential clients.  Reps will be familiar with project flows and scopes of work enabling them to answer and address the concerns of existing clients whose project may be already underway.  Reps serve as the face and front line of RoofReno, thus previous customer service experience is a valuable asset.  Lastly, reps will be responsible for follow up calls to both potential clients who have collected their quote but not yet made a decision and to thank and ensure satisfaction of past clients whose projects will have been completed in the previous 30 days.
  • Must have smart phone with data plan and computer with high-speed internet access
  • Must be proficient with technology
  • Pay is performance and customer satisfaction based with incentives starting with $500 weekly base pay
  • Must complete call/text support representative online training course
  • Flexible hours ranging from 7am in Newfoundland to 8pm in Bristish Columbia
  • Can work from home or anywhere